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13 September, 2016

Interview with Darice M. Kannon

Interview with Darice M. Kannon (2016)

NINa: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? Is it always a matter of 'believing in yourself' or self-discipline and hard work to have the book completed and published? Or maybe it's other people's encouragement that makes writers succeed? Finally, where will you publish your book, and in what formats?

Darice: Find your authentic voice no matter what anyone thinks and build the empire behind you. Also, outline your story. Without a spine to follow, it's possible to quit because you lose your voice and begin to question yourself.

Full interview:

*Darice, a writer and musician, had an interesting concept of merging both of her interests. She wrote a book titled Condemned and illustrated the emotions of the book's characters through songs, gathered on an album with the same title.

Interviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia