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Dumb Hole
NINa what can I say that haven´t already been said in past testimonials?, you are simply one of a kind! I have never read a review with this much effort put into understandanding the songwriting as a hole. It is pure joy reading how you describe your own internal experience while listening to our music. You´ve really snapped up the songs underlying messages and the way you describe how these get enhanced by our musical performance and the way of composing is just the biggest compliment ever, thank you!
Magnus Almqvist | 22.11.2016 | Review

NINa, there are very few reviews I have read about us that made me go back and research topics so I can make sure I understand where the reviewer is coming from. I feel like you are right on the mark. Your article spelling and grammar are top notch, your approach to us, thoughtful. Our whole team are grateful and we will definitely send you more songs in future. Thank you so much!
Charlie Phillips | 12.05.2016 | Review

Gianluca John Attanasio
Gianluca John: I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the beautiful album review. I have never seen one more detailed and balanced, before.
Jessy: Dear Nina, we are excited for your review. It appears extraordinarily complete and detailed. You caught every nuance of the CD, while maintaining an objective - but also very critical- point of view. You have been able to grasp all the aspects of the album, both of "aesthetic" and content. We are really very grateful for your incredible work.

Gianluca John Attanasio & Jessy Rush / House Of Clouds Records | 23.04.2016 | Review

Heretics in The Lab
Some say that industrial music is a dying genre. Industrial music, specifically of the guitar-driven variety, is seldom written about or recognized in what has become an EBM driven genre. Fabryka Magazine keeps the heart of the genre alive by focusing on artists who stick to the roots of what made industrial music so impressive and avant-garde. Not only is Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz a fan of the genre, but she is particularly skilled in giving detailed reviews and testimonials that allow the reader to visualize the concept of the album and the details of each song. NINa is exceptionally professional, responsive and understanding of all aspects of the review process, from the wants and needs of an artist to the marketing aspects such as social networking and online exposure. It was a pleasure to work with Fabryka and I would greatly recommend NINa for album reviews and testimonials.
Shannon Phillips / Feral Six Media | 20.04.2016 | Review