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18 April, 2017

Interview with Malice Machine

Malice Machine - interview (2017) (industrial rock, industrial metal)

NINa: Your excellent Digital Scars album released this year features 13 songs - over 60 minutes of material. Have you addressed and expressed everything what was on your mind at the time of writing it, or are you already getting into new song ideas and working on the follow-up?

Ammo & Sepsis: Digital Scars was not formulaic, some of the songs were written over a couple of years so it's attitude doesn't express a consistent vibe. It was different feelings and experiences at different times. It's also taken us time to acquire the knowledge and ability to record, mix, and produce our own music. Of course there's things that we could vastly improve on but overall we're pretty happy with our first album.

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Interviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia