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Professional detailed & short music reviews. Required genres I'm experienced with: metal (incl. industrial, progressive, groove, thrash, core etc. except for black metal), rock (incl. industrial, progressive, art), industrial, dark ambient, instrumental soundtracks.

I can't approve any other music styles due to lack of experience with other genres so I do not review hip-hop, rap, jazz, dub, techno, gothic, classical, blues, country etc. No demos, remixes, hooks or cover versions please.

I do not charge for reviews if your music does not fit my criteria. I would rather enjoy reviewing your music than promote a review with a bad rating.

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You will legally own this paid review. You can attach it to your presskit, website, social profiles or on-line stores and also use it for any commercial purposes, except for resale.
Every review will include both website/social profile links as well as on-line store links (iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby, Spotify etc.) when available.

No CD submission but digital files (mp3) only. No piracy-no sharing policy is very important to me!

I've been reviewing heavy guitar driven music since 2001 through my own Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia as well as offering external music services to artists who are not related to industrial rock/industrial metal genres. I have a good sense of hearing and I always try to underline the best features of your song in a review... unless your music sounds bad.
Technically, I pay attention to the idea, moods, arrangements, structure, depth, dynamics, potential, musical skills, mastering, production and artwork (if any). The lyrics are less important to me.