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30 December, 2012

EB11 - System Breakdown

EB11 - System Breakdown (song review) |self-released, single, 2012| 5/5

EB11 is an alternative/rock band located in Tenerife, Spain which was initially a solo project founded by Eber Pitrelli (vocals, guitar) in 2006. Having much more to offer than just audio productions and studio releases, he decided to look for other skilled musicians to play live shows together. Presently, the line up of EB11 also includes Joaquin Tulian on guitar, drummer Manuel Conti and Alberto Delgado on bass.

It sounds like "System Breakdown" is one of most energetic songs the band has recorded so far as it encompasses the spirit of raw rock within a very well arranged composition. Short and cutting guitar riffs rhythmically support edgy, grunge-esque vocals while the drums and bass speed the heartbeat of the listener. The vocal sections are underlined by guitar arrangements giving them additional vibration.

The composition sounds very solid from its almost acoustic beginning to the intensified end as it contains both hooky verses and melodic choruses. The musicians collaborate very well. You'll spot a bit of guitar soloing as well as nice transitions that are very characteristic for rock music including the alternative and grunge sub-genres.

"System Breakdown" has hit potential and should be targeted for radio airplay rotation since the song is a great addition to any alt-rock music collection. A various artists compilation released as a CD or a digital download and distributed through rock magazines worldwide could offer the band some better recognition. It's never too late to search for such an opportunity on-line.
The track sounds like if it was inspired by bands such as Incubus, Foo Fighters or Breaking Benjamin, but it may recall the sound of System of a Down as well. If you are fans of the above mentioned bands and looking for a new musical discovery, EB11 should be your next focal point. So far, the band has released the She EP and a full length album called D.I.Y which is only available to purchase during their shows. EB11 has been diligently working on their second full length album that is to be followed by a tour sometime in the near future.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 28th, 2012. Proofreading: Scott M. Owens)

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28 December, 2012

Alex Von Z - Drawn

Alex Von Z - Drawn (song review) |self-released, Implicate Order, 2012| 4/5

Spiritually driven music usually sounds pleasant to the ear as well as radio-friendly. Alex Von Z, an American musician from Colorado who sings in tenor as well as plays an acoustic guitar says he's inspired by artists such as Chris Cornell, Tom Petty, Blind Melon and Counting Crows. You will undoubtedly hear these influences in both the song arrangements and vocals.

"Drawn" carries with it a blues vibe, but also features songwriting ideas that are characteristic for both rock and pop genres. The arrangements are simple although very solid with a dreamy mid-tempo time signature that is supported by light rhythms. Not only are the choruses memorable, but the verses are very catchy as well. This is not a song which demands a lot of mental concentration or analysis to understand the message, however nobody is screaming, destroying instruments or causing noisy experimental sounds. On the contrary, this acoustic composition brings soothing, positive moods to your ears from the very beginning to the end of the track. Having said that, if "Drawn" were to be performed by a female singer it would sound as good as the vocals recorded by Alex. Perhaps a male and female duo would sound extremely well on a live version of "Drawn" or should at least be kept in mind and utilized on a new composition with this sort of dynamic and vivaciousness on a future release.

There is also a promotional video for "Drawn" available on YouTube. The video features interesting paintings by Laurie Maves and Joanna Whitney because the lyrics of "Drawn" tell a tale of a woman painting a picture of a man. "I can’t change the way I am / So I’ll just love the way I am drawn / That’s how she’s drawn" followed by "It’s just the way she loves to play, helps to pass the time along / She’s a muse that can amuse remind its perfect how we’re drawn". The focal point of the video illustrates a message of self-affirmation to "be yourself and love yourself". Otherwise, it could be an analogy of how a woman in love portrays a man in her mind, but also that he doesn't want to change himself (for her), so he just accepts her observations (to avoid hurting her notions and losing her feelings).

Implicate Order was released in November 2012, so this is a pretty fresh EP which lists 3 songs including "Drawn" along with a full length radio edit version on the tracklist. Each song is available for free download from the artist's website and social media profiles such as Reverbnation at the moment.
Finally, as a word of advice, Alex should consider submitting this song for radio-airplay opportunities as often as possible. Due to its pop-rock styling, "Drawn" has probable worldwide hit potential.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 26th, 2012)

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26 December, 2012

Insomniaddict - Farewell (electro mix)

Insomniaddict - Farewell (electro mix) (song review) |self-released, single, 2012| 5/5

"Farewell" is a track for those who crave bouncy, oontzy electronica songs with hit potential to heat up the dancefloors, make girls in leather and PVC drown into a passionate kiss and cause heavy booted rivetheads to swing to a phat beat! However, not only should electronic music addicts dig this song, but also fans of pure metal. Huh? Indeed, Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth, Circle Jerks) had a guest appearance performing on guitar to give "Farewell" a fiery rock spin in the middle segments of the track during the choruses of the song.

Insomniaddict is the solo project of Ian Garner, a certified sound engineer (L.A. Recording School) who has been in different bands since he was 15. He has also been inspired by different, although consistently dynamic genres such as electronica, EBM, metal, grunge and punk. Bands of his interest include Megadeth, but also Depeche Mode, so this may be the reason why the overall sound of "Farewell" is so catchy. Ian fused some of the techniques from these influences into the arrangement of the track, which speaks of a person who got tired of making improper decisions and dealing with his own demons.

A jumping beat opens "Farewell" along with almost robotic vocals. The verses were sung by Ian while the choruses were performed by Danny Craig of the band Killing California. Danny's voice sounds edgy, however some harsh effects were utilized to additionally filter the vocals which then bring a more or less dehumanized characteristic of resonance that is quite fitting for industrial style music.

Silky, sparkling synths join next in the mix until raving and raging choruses tear the main theme into pieces. This is the moment of the song best recommended for putting away any sharp objects as you may start to headbang, skip around and slamdance. Guitar tracks by Chris Poland come in at the perfect spot to pierce the listener with high-energy, shimmering riffs which sound as though they are crying, elevating and twirling like a sinister ballet dancer in the limelight of applause. This is followed by a light piano motif as well as a subtle rhythm until the driving beat returns soon after. Once again the power of samplers dominate the track to finish it with a single, yet not exaggerated accord.

Overall, the song "Farewell" as written, arranged and produced by Ian Garner and co-produced/mixed by Keny Palmer sounds very dynamic with amazing energy while emulating calls for taking action. This track sounds predatory while remaining harmonious due to its addictive vibe that may make you feel insatiable after the first time you listen to it before you return for more. Having said that, the song is sure to make your body twist with expressive contortions of diabolical style.
"Farewell" is currently available to download as a single. It should also be mentioned that a different version of the song will be included on an upcoming full length album from Insomniaddict that still remains untitled.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, December 22nd, 2012)
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19 December, 2012

Gramilla - Paradox

Gramilla - Paradox (song review) |self-released, Villains, 2012| 5/5

If you're a fan of rock or metal music and come across a band tagged with these genre names, your appetite for heavy tunes and brooding vibes increase immediately. In the case of Gramilla's song entitled "Paradox" which was released on their Villains album, you'll get these impressions pretty fast.

This quintet was formed in California in 2009 and is represented by the following musicians: Efren Pacheco (vocals), Kerr Leonard (guitars), Craig Leonard (guitars), Matt Bird (bass) and Arture Bezie (drums). After releasing their demo in 2010, the band then worked on their first full length album which features 10 songs and brings with it mostly alt-metal and hardcore rebellious sounds (don't miss "Every Mans Vice"!)

"Paradox" is the second song, however one of the shortest tracks on this release. It begins with dark guitar riffs followed by screaming vocals that bring an element of protest and criticism into the song. Efren sounds like very good and highly accomplished singer. His voice has a bit of a dirty tone with elaborate colors, so it perfectly corresponds within the context of the rock and roll style, but could also be successfully matched to sub-genres such as grunge, punk or hardcore as mentioned above.

The mid-tempo of "Paradox" is underlined by groovy drum beats and bass lines. The guitars are layered quite wisely and the solo's sound almost like sewing stitch riffs placed in the right spots. These methods of arranging a song allowed Gramilla to break any possible monotony amongst the rhythm while taking the irascible moods to a higher dynamic when synchronized with less rhythmic notes.

"Paradox" doesn't carry many positive moods, although it's not happiness that we usually expect from heavy music. Most listeners of heavy music desire these sort of compositions to let them release their frustration and anger. This is due to many common and ordinary life issues that fans may encounter on a daily basis and which can accumulate pretty fast. However, if you think 'harsh' doesn't go along with 'melodic' or 'catchy' in terms of moods, then "Paradox" can certainly change your mind. The vocal transitions along with the guitar solos are all it takes to prove this point extremely well.

Gramilla sounds like a great new band with the potential to be discovered. Become a fan of theirs and offer your support by purchasing their music, checking them out on-line and seeing if they're playing live at a venue in your city.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, December 19th, 2012)

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11 December, 2012

Cofein - Never Give Up!

Cofein - Never Give Up! (song review) |self-released, Superdangerous, 2012| 5/5 rock

When you hear a female voice carving and accenting a rock song with such memorable passion, you probably won't stop listening until the track is over. Edit Unjian is the lead singer for Bulgarian rock band Cofein, so if you enjoy female voices in the vibe of Masha Mysmane (Exilia), Sandra Nasic (Guano Apes), Heyley Williams (The Paramore) or Danni Monroe (The Dirty Youth) combined with dynamic and heavier rock arrangements, you should reach out towards Cofein as soon as possible.

Initially, the band formed in 2003 and was called Tiramisu. Until 2007 they were covering songs rather than making their own. They were also submitting tracks for various contests including the annual biggest European music festival called Eurovision which is as popular as the Grammy Awards. Cofein's song reached number 5. They have not only drown the interest of European listeners, but also an independent U.S. label. Tiramisu underwent minor line-up changes in 2010 which also led to other improvements including their image, a heavier sound and taking on a new band name – Cofein.

The Superdangerous EP was released in May of 2012 and includes three songs. "Never Give Up!" opens the tracklist of this EP. The song immediately brings nice shivers upon the spine which are brought on by chunky guitar riffs in the beginning of the track followed by an intriguing guitar solo. The aforementioned solo brilliantly comes in when a groovy bass line combines with drums and rhythm guitar that build the underlying compositional structures.
Edi joins in on vocals soon after and it actually feels as if she were a surfer jumping upon an incoming wave and shaving the water. Her voice is placed between mezzo-soprano and a lighter alto which is pleasant to the ears. The vocals puncture through a listener like an arrow, yet resonate strong, sharp and confident. Her great English accent helps the song sound like a truly American production, but it is also useful for submission and acceptance in the arena of worldwide radio airplay. Edi's voice can easily match the genres of rock and grunge, but it is also quite suitable for country music. What's more interesting, you'll hear a warm timbre among her vocals which eloquently support her rapacity as well.

The initial segment of lyrics contained in "Never Give Up!" are underlined by tight bass lines and well balanced drum beats which dictate high-energy and solid dynamics. The rhythmic section is represented by Atanas Atanasov on bass and Petar Markov on drums who cooperate together very well. There are also two guitarist in the band: Tsvetan Karabov and Petar Todorov. This duo of guitar players allow for more layered, dense rock sounds to be placed into the music of Cofein when held in contrast to groups who perform with only one guitarist. You can expect a fantastic guitar solo to appear throughout the composition along with an intriguing bridge which is also set up in an expertly chosen spot on the track.
It should be noted that this along with other Cofein arrangements which were created for songs such as "Addicted to You" and "Superdangerous" have hit potential and have also been perfectly written to give the songs on the EP both claws and catchiness.

The band should continue entering various contests and submitting music for radio playlists as often as possible. Moreover, they should respect their own skills regardless of whether they are derived from natural musical skill or training to avoid selling their music too cheaply. Talent scouts, new artist headhunters and booking agents should pay attention to Cofein. If you, the reader are aware of any reliable professionals who could make the career of this band shine worldwide, please forward them this review.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, December 7th, 2012)

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