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05 February, 2014

Maximum Sexy Pigeon - Unfit For Human Consumption EP v2

Maximum Sexy Pigeon - Unfit For Human Consumption EP v2 |NoiseBastard, 2013| 5/5 industrial metal grindcore

01. Tunguska!, 02. Dave Unlimited, 03. Army Of Arseholes, 04. Mindless Life Siphon, 05. HeadKick, 06. The Pig Welder, 07. NSFM [Messenger Of Shit], 08. Wreck Everything

Maximum Sexy Pigeon is an Australian band that has been active since 2004 thanks to the founders - Yok Rzeznic ('Rzeznic' could be translated to 'butcher' in some Slavic languages) and AD Millennium (also known from bands such as Dream Sleep and Viral Millennium).
They make industrial metal mixed with a bit of grindcore - music they enjoy listening to. Surprisingly for the genre, they put a bit of satire into it. You won't hear popular schematic themes made up to satisfy the masses on this EP. Instead, you'll remember key traits of Maximum Sexy Pigeon's music expressed through intense, mechanically repeating arrangements based on tuned down guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and distorted vocals kept in a rough 'I-don't-care' tone. In this case, their piercing performance can be compared to full force steam hammering.

Tunguska is a place in Russia where extraterrestrial astronomical object fell in 1908, causing large scale destruction. The blast is compared to that of the Little Boy atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, but about 1.000 times more powerful. Inspired by that impactful event, Maximum Sexy Pigeon wrote a song which is arranged for heavy and vibrating guitar riffs, an ear-drilling bass and matching drums. Together, the instruments build up a mighty wall of sound. The song in not overloaded with lyrics, but you may become slightly chased by the chorus line "I remember Tunguska". The overall package is instantly memorable after the first listening - just like 90s Ministry songs.

"Dave Unlimited" is based on a stretched bass line and an anxious mood, as if someone was locked in a loop of torment. Obsessive arrangements gradually step up or down. Vocals are adjusted to the bass while the slightly disjointed drums add another, deeper layer of rhythm. Heavy guitars are present only in parts of the composition. Finally, compulsive repetitions make this track another annoyingly memorable piece.

The next song, "Army of Assholes" sounds even more intrusive, with tuned down guitar and bass combo attacking the listener from all sides. Hateful vocals highlight the ironic contrast with the line 'I don't hate you' repeating throughout the track.
"Mindless Life Siphon" sounds like a jackhammer thanks to its density and speed provided by guitars. Harsh vocals and industrial noises of a shifting mechanism add a matching flavor. Something you won't hear on this EP too often - a groovy melody - arises from the overall turmoil, but it's cast back into the overwhelming sonic vortex quite quickly.

A rhythm based on a repetitive beat and chunky guitar riffs begins the spine of "Headkick", but the tempo changes quite soon. You may notice a familiar sham laugh mixed with non-intrusive screams. Maximum Sexy Pigeon seems to be inspired by the sound of several influential 90s acts such as Ministry, Pitchshiter or Godflesh. Thus, this kind of sampling was most probably borrowed from Ministry's music and plays a big part in this song.
Contrastingly, dark ambient moods open "The Pig Welder", but then are replaced by a grinding mix of guitars, bass, drums, and distorted vocals. Some arrangements may sound familiar if you've ever listened to bands such as Testify or Fear Factory. It's the longest song on the EP, with parts built upon heavy rhythms but also cold, ambient passages. Similarly to previous compositions, the bass stimulates the track.

"NSFM [Messenger Of Shit]" starts with a hammering reminiscent of heavy industry; a sound straight from a steel factory. The song is full of buzzing bass lines and heavy metal guitar riffs supported by drum beats. At times it’s slower than other tracks on the EP which increases the 'weight' of its sound.

Finally, creepy screams open the last, most chaotic and violent track here - "Wreck Everything". Low, aggressive vocals are tightly packed into recurring arrangements based on looped guitar riffs, groovy bass and less exposed drums. Listening to this song feels like being thrown into a fast rotating industrial mixer filled with bricks, metal rods and gluing concrete, with a 100% chance that you're going to be painfully hit by something.

Technically, Unfit For Human Consumption EP is an extended version of Maximum Sexy Pigeon's same-titled (and free) release which appeared in 2013. The duo decided to include three additional songs to the final tracklist. Their "Tunguska! (Water Retentive mix)" was featured on an Aussie electro V/A compilation in 2011 amongst songs by Skrew, Collide, Dismantled or Psyche. The new version provides a slightly lower tempo, while sounding less rough than the older mix. Still, it remains a track you can’t resist headbanging to.

If you enjoy true industrial metal or wish to learn what the genre used to be, grab this CD directly from Maximum Sexy Pigeon (preferably via their Facebook page). It'd be also wise to support the band so they'd come up with the next batch of simple, efficient and mighty tracks, just like the ones on this release.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Music Magazine, February 4th, 2014. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)

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