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26 August, 2013

13 Shadows - interview (2013)

NINa: For some singers, a clear and strong voice comes as a natural talent, but other people need to take a lot of lessons to train their voices well. What's your experience with singing?

Denise Donahue: I don't really see myself as a singer... more of a composer who happens to sing my own stuff. Singing actually comes with a lot of fear and loathing for me. I've never had any formal vocal training, or informal for that matter. I do the best I can with what I have. If I had any money I would be more than happy to take some lessons!... Hint, please help a poor tortured artist out and buy a song or two! I really focus a lot more on my instrumentation and composition. That's where I feel my strength truly is, and it's also what I most enjoy.

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