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22 July, 2013

Message To The Machine - interview (2013)

Message To The Machine - interview (2013)

NINa: Your music is labelled as industrial for the most part. Have you ever analyzed why industrial musicians as well as fans are fascinated with heavy industry - machines, factories, repetitions, cycles, loneliness, the cold and the noise? What emotions can be expressed through making industrial or experimental noises?

James Orez: It's funny, when I started making music I had no direction, in terms of genre, for what the overall sound would be. I was very unfamiliar with Industrial music, apart from Nine Inch Nails, and I had only heard of Skinny Puppy. My music taste lies more in the metal genre, you could say. I mean, I am a huge fan of Tool and Deftones. So, after I made a few songs, which were dreadful, a bunch of people were calling it Industrial music. So, I did some research and really delved into the Industrial genre.

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Interview conducted by Fabryka Music Magazine