23 February, 2017

Commit Samantha - The Fallen

Commit Samantha - The Fallen (song review) |self-released, 2016| 4/5 alt-rock

Mixing alternative rock with exotic sounds always gives a song an intriguing atmosphere. This is exactly the sonic idea behind 'The Fallen', written by the Bostonian quintet working together as Commit Samantha. 'The Fallen' is a multi-layered track with many instrumental parts placed in sync, which are wisely distributed within a less complex composition. Fans of Godsmack, Tool, Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots (but not only) should get in gear with this vibe right away.

Initially however, listeners will be gently guided into the song with said exotic vibe, where the only dominant element is a beat played on a hand drum. The voice of Kon, which comes next is characterized by a nice & light, masculine timbre. The vocals are nicely balanced, distanced and a bit detached in a non-emotional way, except for a few tense moments where the musicians scream all together.
The deep drums (Mike Stanislovitis), bass (Grant Harris), and guitars build an advanced structure for the song, exposing the listeners to its entirety within the next four minutes. The band has two lead guitar players in the current line-up: Jeff Peck and Mark Gorman; this allows for a wide variety of guitar riffs performed simultaneously. All musicians play their respective parts very well. It should be also mentioned that Commit Samantha invited Casey Young (who programmed & toured with YES) to layer an additional texture into their song.

The lyrical idea behind the track is an unattached analysis of Biblical Judas – the possible reasons behind his decisions, emphasizing destiny's path, default directions, and similar philosophical & spiritual issues. To quote a part of the lyrics: "We the chosen few / What more can we do / The future has begun / A truth we can't outrun” (…) No choice in the matter / It's perfectly clear / The pathway is chosen / No innocence here." Despite the subject matter, it's not Christian music at all.

'The Fallen' brings an intellectual (rather than rebellious) mood, which definitely helps with focusing on individual instrumental parts. The whole track was mixed by Pete Doell at Universal Music, based on the band's own studio recordings. The song however still feels like a cleaner version of a live recording due to the additional ambiance - the sound 'leaks' slightly, thus possibly causing some purists to sniff disapprovingly. It's not a biggie though, since the arrangements clearly speak in favour of the band's creative potential.
Make sure you give Commit Samantha constructive feedback via their social profiles, see them live during the incoming shows, and buy their music. This should encourage the band to continue on their enlightened path of creative & philosophical escapism.

(Reviewer: Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia, February 23rd, 2017. Proofreading: Mike 'Vesper' Dziewoński)
Source: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=591

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Reviewed by Fabryka Industrial Rock & Metal Encyclopedia