29 August, 2016

Interview with David Arkenstone 2016

Interview with David Arkenstone* (2016):

NINa: Do you consider yourself a composer-messenger who can wake up people's forgotten memory through containing certain topics, moods, and vibrations within your compositions? What areas or worlds will listeners be invited to with your next album to be released this year?

: I believe I have a gift that I work on cultivating every day. I am a vessel that music pours out of. At times I can direct it, other times it feels like I have no control over it. I have received many communications from people who claim to have had spiritual awakenings through my music, so I can say that to some degree, I believe I am a messenger. As far as next projects, I plan a deeper, darker collection of songs, as well as an album of music inspired by changes this planet goes through each year.

Read the entire interview here: http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=583

*American composer & multi-instrumentalist David Arkenstone is a soundscape explorer who aims to trigger your imagination by delivering both space and atmosphere locked within a musical composition. He paints atmospheric landscapes and thus, he's frequently present in movie and video game projects. Games such as World of Warcraft, Lands of Lore 2 and 3, Earth and Beyond, and Emperor: Battle for Dune (to name a few) already include David's scores. Having released over 45 albums and several soundtracks for film and TV, he also received three Grammy nominations for In the Wake of the Wind (1992), Citizen of the World (2000), and Atlantis (2004)

Interview by Fabryka Music Magazine