04 May, 2016

Interview with Gilbert Engle - painter and musician

Interview with Gilbert Engle*

I would say it has become much easier to create very high quality works since hundreds of years ago. The potential options are unlimited. As mentioned, the problem is that there are way too many people who want to be artists and musicians. There is just no way to fund everybody.


*Gilbert Engle has been composing music for over 30 years and creating art for 25+ years. With over 600 music compositions, 50 albums, 200 visual works and 80 paintings completed so far, he has always had a small, but dedicated fan base. As he has found the time and backing to devote full time to his passions, Gilbert has built the newJazz.net portal to provide free access to most of his completed and upcoming works and to share his passion with a global audience.

Interview by Fabryka Music Magazine