15 February, 2016

Interview with MSHAA

February 13th, 2016:

Interview with MSHAA (industrial metal, electro metal, Poland)

NINa: Which acronym of the band name's meaning resonates with you best?

CS (Cien Soulwhore): They are two equally important acronyms... The first meaning - Mary Should've Had An Abortion - is to criticize religion and encourage people to do their own research about the real history of Christianity...
The Catholic Church started persecuting and killing non-believers as early as the 4th century. The slaughter of heretics, Jews, atheists, agnostics and pagans was supported by Vatican for over a thousand years. The cult of Jesus has been used to create the false empire, built on slavery, torturers, murders and pedophilia scandals. Prevailing religions were implemented by way of violence, which makes the Christians at least as adept at mass murders as the Jihadists. Holy Inquisition murdered nine million women, worshipers of the Great Mother, accusing them of satanic witchcraft. The native population of what is now South America was literally massacred going from 80.000 to 10,000 people. They've destroyed the pagan cultures, dissipating the real legacy of first holidays. So if people cannot draw any conclusion from the life and death of their "messiah", then perhaps the "holy birth" propaganda was just a waste of time.

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Interview by Fabryka Music Magazine