30 December, 2015

Ghost in the Machine - interview 2015

Interview with: Ghost in the Machine (December 2015)

NINa: You've successfully submitted a number of your songs for use in TV and games. What's the toughest part of licensing music? What kind of intellectual property risks should other musicians be aware of if they wish to submit their tracks for such placements?

GITM: The toughest part of licensing music is understanding what the customer really needs. Sure, it is hard to make connections to even have the opportunity to license music. But there are lots of publishing venues now where most bands can get a shot. But even once you have a foot in the door, there are many challenges to accurate communication with the customer. We have learned that how a musician looks at a song is very different from someone who wants to license it. Terminology is different ideas about what the music, mood or feel means is different. Sometimes they won't be able to articulate or express what they really want… you'll get the infamous "they'll know it when they hear it". 

Source & full interview at http://industrialrock.net/php-files_en/articles.php?article_id=569

Interview by Fabryka Music Magazine