23 August, 2012

Rosenedge - Brickwall

Rosenedge - Brickwall (song review) (self-released, Ashes, 2012) 4/5

Rosenedge is a band that Hails from Ashland, Ohio. They released their latest album entitled Ashes just a year after releasing their debut called Unknown. Vaughn Pokrzywa composed and performed the music on both albums, however a full line-up crystallized for the band at the time Ashes was near completion.
A mysterious and vibrating intro opens the track "Brickwall" which is the first song on the album. The opening prelude is followed by guitars, bass and drums which are utilized to structure the song arrangements with sounds that are repetitive and in tune with traditional rock and metal approaches. A moderate tempo makes this composition heavy, apart from the stylistic riffs.

Drummers play a very important role in rock and metal musical orchestration. The quality and frequency of the beat push the listener to decide if they find a song to be pleasant, invigorating or irritating since the pulse of the drumming influences one's heartbeat. "Brickwall" is based on simple, however non-intrusive beats that are laid out by Vaughn Pokrzywa. His playing is great since it allows the listener to focus on the guitar riffs as well as bass lines. Chunky riffs give the song a powerful rhythmic spin rather than soloing off into an oblivion of self-exposure.

Moreover, the synths are used very carefully. They don't predominate the other instruments, but rather help to build upon the atmosphere and contribute to the melodies laid behind this solid composition. Thus, listening to Vaughn's vocals are painless when heard over such a strong background of harmony. The vocalist doesn't scream or growl, but rather loudly utilizes intonation within the lyrical progression with a voice that sounds a bit harsh, although in melodic line with the music. The choruses are softer than the verses and very memorable thanks to repetitive and original songwriting techniques.

"Brickwall" has definite hit potential thanks to simple and heavy arrangements, but it should be promoted along with a matching video to achieve the best results. In addition, Rosenedge should not only play live as often as possible and send their music to DJ's, but they should also research and seek out compilation opportunities that are usually associated with periodical magazines or released in association with specific events.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, August 22nd, 2012)
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