05 July, 2012

GODCOMPLEX - Life's Deception

GODCOMPLEX - Life's Deception (song review) |self-released, 2012| 4/4

"Life's Deception" is a brand new song that is to be released on the Hymns for the Faithless album which is scheduled for August 2012.
This highly dynamic track has been written, recorded and performed by only two musicians, which you may find surprising in terms of the overall powerful vibes of their music. Moreover, John Spangler (lead guitar, bass, production) and Rod Pagel (lyrics, vocals, rhythm guitar, drum programming) who comprise the line-up of the band, also played together in a thrash metal/punk band called Maniacal Genocide that was founded in 1987. They now collaborate on-line due to the fact that they live in different states. All the music was composed by John and the vocals were written by Rod.

The song starts directly with guitar, bass and drums in unison, followed by very synchronized and cleverly matching vocals. Chunky guitar riffs do not overlay the entire composition, but add an edgy rhythm in the background. The bass lines and drum beats will make you think faster. Rod's voice holds a characteristic tune, yet sounds understandable. This aspect is very important since the voice is realistically an instrument in the context of a musical composition. At the same time, Rod sounds angry and rebellious which almost automatically draws the attention of rock and metal listeners.
"Life's Deception" contains pure sparkling vitality that is reminiscent to the music of bands such as The Union Underground, Powerman 5000 and Monster Magnet. Last but not least, it sounds like a man's song, so it must be a testosterone driven thing which glues these bands together with self-confidence, motion and power.Spinning, syncopated dynamics, simple yet wise arrangements as well as a straight-forward vibe should make this track famous. Godcomplex should keep submitting "Life's Deception" for all sorts of opportunities such as compilations, movie placement, college radio playlists and especially, perform it live during rock & metal festivals. They may also consider incorporating at least two or more musicians for live shows for this reason as well.
"Life's Deception" is a guitar driven and catchy song that has instant hit potential, while repetitive lyrics make it very memorable.

(Katarzyna 'NINa' Górnisiewicz, Fabryka Magazine, June 29th, 2012)

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