15 March, 2012

Bemol - Hopes for Tomorrow

Bemol - Hopes for Tomorrow (song review) 4/5

Industrial music has many fans, but also has many enemies as well. Fans of the genre appreciate it for all the mechanical noises and rhythmic tempos. However, the genre is negatively criticized for being soulless, repetitive and simple. Industrial music first appeared in the mid-1970's and became commercialized two decades later for a larger market. Still, this original experimental form of music has been doing well regardless of whether it is popular or underground. The proof is easily found by listening to new music often created by solo composers.

Hopes for Tomorrow by Bemol can be placed somewhere between the experimental and commercial forms of industrial music. It is an electronic instrumental composition based on continuous metallic drums which make the skeleton of the song. This construction gets dressed up with a variety of other sounds and if you listen closely there is either a Hammond-esque or perhaps Theremin involved in driving the song as well. However, such a trance like arrangement seems to be missing any 'spice' in it and lacks an intriguing intro and outro; it just starts and ends, but it may have been Bemol's desired approach of artistic expression.
Other than that there are no human or machine voices included. This song may be best suited to be used as a background score for independent movies or choreographed visually with creative videos played on big screens during Bemol's live performances. (NINa, 10/13/2011)


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